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1913~2002 / 89歲 /   
UNTITLED1967 / age54 /
59.5×60 ㎝ / 件 / 編號9/10 /
Day and Night#36
Day and Night#361976 / age 60 /
63.3×45.8 ㎝ / 件 / 版數 403/500 /
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains1976 / age 60 /
40×59 ㎝ / 件 / 版数 498/500 /
Seven-character Couplet in Running Script
Seven-character Couplet in Running Script
Calligraphy1980 / age 67 /
68×44.2 ㎝
2002 - age 89 Chung Ting-Shih Passed away on the 15th April ln Taichung, Taiwan, Chen Ting-Shih Modern Art Foundation was founded. Chen’s residentisl home was made Chen Ting-Shih Memorial Museum.
2000 - age 87 A member of the judging paneis at yhe Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Exhibition and Central Taiwan Sculpture Exhibition. Director of the Modern Eyes Group, Heavy Metal Sculpture Association and Elegant Stones Associatlon. Chen Ting-Shih’s work The Drum Tower Entered OPEN 2001, Venice,ltaiy, through the recommendation of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Iron Scuiptures by Chen Ting-Shih and Jong Jong-Shyon, Taichung;Open 
1999 - age 86 Panel discussion with Chung Chieh and Ma Hao on Chinese abstract art 12th June;member of the judging panel at the 15th Central Taiwan Sculpture Exhibition, Taichung;winning the Lee Chung-Shan Foundation Award for Achievement in Painting.
1999 - age 86
1996 - age 83Launching an art gallery and studio in Taichung County.Member of the judging panei at The 11th Central Taiwan Scuipture Exhibition, Taichung; consultant for the category of graphic arts at The 1st Ta-Tun Art Exhibition, Taichung; a member of the judging panel for the Taichung Sculpture Association.
1993 - age 80 Solo exhibition in Taichung; Chen Ting Ting-Shih 80th Birthday Retrospective Exhibition, Taiwan Province Museum of Fine Srts, Taichung; solo exhibition at Kaohsiung Cultural Center,Kaohsiung. Ink Paintings by Artists from Taiwan and China, Shanghai and Hangzhou; Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Russia; Exchange Exhibition of Sculptures from Taiwan and China. Museum of History, Kaohsiung; Taiwanese Modern Graphic Arts of the 1970s, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei; the Modern Eyes Group Joint Exhibition; A New Diector of Eastem Painting, the Gate Gallery, Taipei.
1991 - age 78 Director of the Modern Eyes Group. Marrying Ms.Chang Pei during his home-coming trip to Fukien,China. Publishing Painting aibum Art Works by Chen Ting-Shih(Ⅱ), Taichung County Cultural Center. Color ink Paintings by Chen Ting-Shih, Taichung City Cuitural Center,Taichung. 35th Anniversary of the Eastern Painting Society & The Fifth Moon Group Joint Exhibition,Taipei;Modern Eyes Group Joint Exhibition 91.
1989 - age 76 Director of the Modern Eyes Group. Traveling in India. Ink Paintings by Chen Ting-Shih,Kaohsiung; solo exhibitions at Kaohsiung and Taichung Cuiturai Centes. Chinese Modern Art Touring Exhibition in Austrillia, Oregon,USA; the Modern Eyes GROUP Joint Exhibition,Taichung; Chen Ting-Shih, Hsia Bi-Chuan, Han Chuih-Shun and Ai Wei Wei Prints Exhibition.
1986 - age 73  Director of the Modern Eyes Group. 73rd Birthday. Joining Taichung Scuipture Association and acting as a member of the judging panel. Solo exhibition at the Artists Gallery, Taipei;Chen Ting-Shih Solo Exhibition Prnts, Color ink Paintings and Sculptures, longman Gallery,Taipei.
1984 - age 71 Director of the Modern Eyes Group. Solo exhibitions at the Arists Gallery and Longman Gallery, Taipei;Chen Ting-Shih Solo Exhibition;Prints, Ink-Paintings and Scuiptures,the Golden Cup Arts Center,Taichung.
1982 - age 69 The Fifth Moon Group Joint Exhibition ,Taipei. Co-founding and chairing the Modem Eyes Group, Taichung.
1976 - age 63 Traveling in the US for aimost two years;designed the mosaic for the pariliament of the Colorado State for the celebration of the 200th anniversy of the founding of USA. American critic James Mills comments on Chen’s as “striking a perfect baiance between stabillfy and lightness,calmness and exuberance. Solo Exhibition At The Artists Gallery,Taipei and Forsyth Gallery,Ann Arbor. Ma Hao, Denver,USA; exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art,Asian Foudation, San Francisco,USA.
1972 - age 59 Taking Part in a panel discussion The current direction of development of prinized by Lions Art Magazine.
1970年 - 57歲 Winnling the lnternationai Grand Prize at The 1st lnternational Biennial Exhibltion of Prints, Seoul, Korea. Organized by the Eastem Asian Daily News;The 8th Golden Cup Prize of the Art Society of Chinese,Taiwan.
1967 - age 54 shapeless: a Group Exhibition with Liu Kuo-Sung, Shi The-Chin, Chuang Chieh, Lee His-Chi at The wen Hsing Gallery, Taipei. Publishing Painting aibum The Graphic Art of Chen Ting-Shih, Nartonai Taiwan Arts Education Center. 
1965 - age 52 Joining the Fifth Moon Painting Society; formally participating in the annual Fifth Moon Group Joint Exhibition.
1964 - age 51 Publishing artishing article Printmaking and Me on Architecture Bi-monthly.  Hong Kong lnternational salon of Prints, Hong Kong The 7th Modern Graphic Art Exhibition , Taipei.
1961 - age 48 Publishing four articles on Free Youths Discussing Printmaking and carving techniquse. Entering The 4th Modern Graphic Art Exhibition with works Made on sugarcane bagane bagasse plate.
1960 - age 47 Hong Kong International Salon of Prints, Hong Kong;The 3rd Modem Graphic Art Exhibition with works made on the sugarcane bagasse plate.
1959 - age 46 Resumed culturai-artstic activifies. Entering The5th sao Paulo Biennial for the first time with The Sudden Rainfall(entering also the 6th -8th and the 11th editions) Entering the 2th Modern Graphic Art Society with Chin Sung and Chiang Han-Tung; organizing the 2nd MODERN Graphic Art Exhibition.
1959 - age 46
1958 - age 45Co-founding the Modern Graphic Art Association.
1948 - age 35 The 1 National Wooden Engraving Engraving Exhibition, Shanghai&Nanking,China.  Working at the Taiwan Provincial Library in Taipei(now Taiwan National Library)  Commissioned to produce on oil Painting Liu Ming-Chuan Building Railway of Taiwan; Art editor of ‘New Century Supplement”at the China Daily and “Art Supplement” ar the Public Opinions.
1947 - age 34 Leaving Taiwan briefly after the closure of the Peace Daily as a consequence of the 228 Masacre; servinf as an editor of the Min-Hsing Daily in Fuchou City, Fukien Province, China.
1946 - age 33 Art editor of Peace Daily Daily in Taichung, Taiwan.
1945 - age 32 Retreating to Taiwan with Chang Kai-Sheks Chinese Nationailst Army.
1943 - age 30 Tutor at the Chinese National Woodcut Correspondence Course.
1938 - age 25 Fist caricature work appeared in Anti-Japanese Caricatures in Fukien under the pen name Wars; Lieutenant in the Propaganda Department of Chinese Nationalist Army in Fukien Province.
1930 - age 17 Starting to learn Western sketching and oil painting under the influence of Xu Bei-Hong
1926 - age 13 Studied Chinese loadscape, portraiture and bird-flower painting with Chang Ling-Po
1920 - age 08 Entolled at home school; iost his hearing in an accldent at the age of 8.
1916 - age 03 intoduced to literacy at the age of 3.
1913 - age 01 Born in Fukien Province, China on 22 November 1915.
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