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LI XI QI 李錫奇
1938~2019 / 81歲   
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1985 - age 48 Directed the Asian World Art Center on invitation by Mian-mian Cheng, president of Asian World Enterprise.
Planned the Modern Art Exhibition in Thailand.
Planned the first solo exhibition for Gang Huo for his retum to Taiwan.
1983 - age 46 Planned and establisher the One Gallery.
Won the Wu Yen Art Museum Award From the First Intemational Woodblock Exhihition.
Particpated in the Art Circle Seminar beld by  Fox Butterfield. staff reporter of New York Tuntes.
Works were reprinted without permission by Hsinhsin Art Gallery,and held seminars with artists to emphasize on the importance of artwork IP right proteetion.

1982 - age 45 Retumed to Taiwan after his visiting tutorship in Hong Kong.
Became the Artist Consultant of New Aspect Art center.
Planned the Visual Poetry Joint Exhibition at the New Aspect Art Center, emphsiring on the move ment of combining poetry and visual perfomances.
Participated in the Matteo Rivvi 400th Anniversary Exhibition held in Massarati,Italy. 

1981 - age 44 Planned the national woodblock exhibition with works from three generations of artists, ately. Xand Fang, Siu-Ping Liu and Yao-hui Zhong.
Planned the Taiwan exhibition for jeading Japanese woodblock Aartist  黑崎彰.
Planned the first solo exhibition for Chuko.
Planned the Canadian Modem Pottery Exhibition.
Planned the first Taiwan exhibition for Japanese artist 
Invited Wu-chi Chao and his wife to retum to Taiwan to hold the first solo exhihition. workshop and seminar at the Woodblock Artist Gallery. It was eventful in the art circle.
De-jin shin died and decided to founded the De-Jin shih Foundation afthe discussing with friends and Shih who was about to die.

1980 - age 43 The Memory was collected in Edward Lucie-Smith, “Art in the seventies”,Cornell University Paess, APhaidon Book.
1979 - age 42 Planned the First Contact modern art exhibition at the woodblock Artist Gallery.
Wei-bai Zhu, Shi-chi Lee,Hao Wu,Jin-liang Hsu, Kun-Cheng Hsu,Zheng-song Chen,Shih-tuing Chen ,Xin-xeng Yang, Shih-hong Yand and Xiao-de Xie Displyed works at the exhihition.

1978 - age 41 Ran the Taipei woodblock Artist Gallery with Wei-bai Zhu to promote purely academic activitied and publications of modem art.
1977 - age 40 Invited by the st John University in New York to hold an exhibition in the USA; and won the con-tract from ADI and UOSTAIR galleries in san Francisco.
1976 - age 39 Visit the USA for the first time and travelled to New York. San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.
Began to make works with jet gun.
Attended the First Asian Symposium held in Scoul with Lan Wang, De-jin Shih, Zi-mao Lee and Xian-liang Gu.

1975 - age 38 Particpated in the Modern Chinese Painting Exhibition in Hong Kong Planned by Siao-Fu PU.
1973 - age 36 Deeply touched when seeing the Autobiography of Hui-su and began making works with calligraohy.
1969 - age 32 Man landed on moon for the first time.
The Origin won the Critic's Award from  the Fifth Tokyo lnternational Young Artist Showcase.
Madame Warden of the USA (wife of former superintendent of the Navy Hospital ) and LI-ao Ma, De-jin Shihi, Hao Wu and Shi-chi Lee established the Artist Gallery , the first gallery in Taiwan promoting modern art publication.
Won the Second Prize from the Second Asian Woodblock Exhibition in the Philippines.

1968 - age 31 Joined the American Visual Art Center.
1967 - age 30 Poets, musicians, dancers and artists were invited to the second modern Art Festival exhibion held at  the Tin Cardival Cultural and Educational Hall.
Met poet Guyeu (Yu-heng Hu)and married her on August 26.

1966 - age 29 The First Modern Art Festival Exhibition was held at the Taiwan-America Cultural Center by Xinyu, Qinsong, Roma, Choko, Lee Shi-Chi and Zhing-Guang Gu.
1964 - age 27 Retired from the army and rented the ancestral hall of erhhuang Temple in Tainan for teo months before retirement to make paintings for international art exhibitions.
De-xing Yuan(choko) recommended lee in his article "Value of Being-A Profile of Young Artist Lee Shi-Chi participated in the Japan International Woodblock Exhibition and his Works' Published in United Daily News on 21October 1964.
Participated in the Fourth Tokyo International Woodblock Exhibition with Xang-ning Han and was awarded the Recommendation Award (Second Prize).
Zheng-guang He Translated the story from Daily Yomiuri where Japanese art critice Praised,"Lee shi-chi, the alternate for the Foreign Minister Award, has successfully expressed the spirit of Oriental philosophy in his works."

1963 - age 26 Joined the Oriental art soclety with De-jin Shih; and the Oriental Art Society and Modern Woodblock Society held a joint exhibition in Taipei.
1962 - age 25 Enlisted in Tainan and continused to make Paintings.
1960 - age 23 De-jin Shih recommended Lee in the article"Artist Lee Shi-Chi from Kinmen and Woodblocks" Published in Shanghai Miscellany of Hong Kong.
1959 - age 22 Met Yang Xia, Gang Huo and Hao Wu at the Air-raid Shelter Gallery and began exchanging opinions on art.
1958 - age 21 The 823 Artillery Bombardment Broke out when Lee graduated from the Taipei Normal School. He unwillingly stayed on Taiwan teaching, Later on. the whole family moved to Banciao in Taiwan, and he needed to raise the Family alone.
Met Song Qin and Han-dong Jiang for the first time; and made acquaintance with Ting-shih Chen and Ying-Feng Yang through the Qin and Jiang.
Formed the Modern Woodblock Society and organized the First exhibition with Ying-feng Yang, Song Qin, Ting-shih Chen ,Han-dong Jiang and Hua Shih in November.

1957 - age20 Works were accepted by the Free China Art Exhibition and Student Art Exhibition when he was a third-year student of Taipei Normal School .(Works were specially recommended in a review Pub-lished by Gang HUO in Hsinsheng News)
Deeply touched on the visit to the Premiere of the Oriental Art Exhibition held at the Taipei News Building.

1956 - age 19 Organized a solo exhibition when he was a second-year student of Taipei Normal school .Lt  was the First solo exhibition the school ever held for students and Lee's first solo.
First visit on Shin-Chao Lee and De- jin shih and was cncouraged by them.
Woodblocks were published on the cover of Homeland Magazine of Hong Kong.

1955 - age 18 Recommended to the Section of Fine Arts, Taipei Normal School.
1953 - age 16 Grandmothe and big sister were Killed by deserted by desrted soldiers, and the family wealth was destroyed.
1952 - age 15 Studied at the Kinmen Secondary School.
​1950 - age 13 Studied at the Kinmen Demo center Elementary School.
​1946 - age 09 Studied at the Private Guning Primary School established with donations from oversees chinese.
​1944 - age 07 Studied The Four Books and The Five Classice at old-style private school; and family  was prosperous at this time.
1938 - age 01 Born in Beshan Village, Guningtiu, Kinmen, as the First son to Cheng-bing Lee and Yu-yao Wu, He great grandfather was a royal scholar of the Qing Dynasty. The family began runing a business since his grandfather.
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Journey of Echoes-Collected Critical Articles on the work of Li His-Chi
Journey of Echoes-Collected Critical Articles on the work of Li His-Chi