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1907~1998 / 91歲 /   
57×91㎝ / 30M /
42×50㎝ / 10P /
​1998 - age 91 In March, Chen passes away at the National Taiwan University Hospital at the age of 92.
​1997 - age 90 In January, Chen receives the Culture Award presnted by the Executive Council.
Establishes the Chen Chin Art and Culture Prize to enciurage the creation of acrylic painting.

​1994 - age 87 In August, Women Artist Chen Chin is Published by the Hsiung Shih Art Books Co.Ltd.
​1992 - age 85 In March, Taiwan Fine Arts Series Voi. II: Chen Chin is published by Artist Publishing.
​1990 - age 83 In May, the East Gallery Presents the "special Exhibition on Gouache color Works by Chen Chin".
​1989 - age 82 Art the invitation of the National Museum if Histpry, Chen participates in a Joint exhibition with Lin Yu-shean and Chen Hui-Kun,Showing 30 works.
​1988 - age 81 In June, Chen's work "Leisurely" enters the collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
​1988 - age 81
​1987 - age 80In November,Chen participates in a joint exhibition with Lin Yu-shan and Kuo Hsueh-hu at the East Gallery.
​1986 - age 79 In June, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Presents the exhibition "Contemporary Masters:A Retrospective of Chen Chin in her Eightieth Year".
​1984 - age 77 In Juiy, Chen participates in the exhibition "Retrospective of Art Development in the Taiwan Region" orga nized by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan.
​1983 - age 76 December, Chen's son Cheng-chia marries in the US. Chen creates "Bride" and "Red Dress" to celebrate the occasion.
​1980 - age 73 Featured by the Hsiung-shih Art Magazine in March.
​1978 - age 71 Travela to the US in August to paint from nature. 
​1976 - age 69 Travels to seattle, Texas and Los Angeles in July.
Holds an exhibition at the Women's Association in Bryan, Texas in September.

​1971 - age 64 In November, Founds the Chang Liu Paunting Society and participates in its exhibitions.
​1969 - age 62 Sets off on August 14 for a three-month trip to visit the museum in Seattle, chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.c., St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Tokyo.
​1968 - age 61 In April, Chen Participates in the Joint Painting Exhibition of China, Japan and the Philippines in Tokyo.
​1966 - age 59 Joins the party paying tribute to the president on his 80th birthday on behalf of the country's model women in October and offers her work "Orchid".
​1965 - age 58 Commissioned by Priest Ru Xue of the Fa Kwang Monastery to create the "The Life Stories of Buddha" series.
​1958 - age 51 Holds first solo exhibition at the Taipei Zhongshan Hall in May, showing 62 works. Hospitalized by stomach trouble because she is working too hard at painting.
​1955 - age 48 Invited to participate in a Sino-Japanese Friendship Art Exhibition by Japan's Ministry of Eduction and Culture.
​1950 - age 43 Has a son in December named Ching-chia.
​1946 - age 39 Serves as  a jury member of the Chinese Painting Section of the 1st Taiwan Provincial Art Exhibition along with 
Yu-shen LIN, Hsueh-hu etc KUO.
Marries Mr shaw Chen-Chiung

​1945 - age 38 Returns to Taiwan from Japan.
​1941 - age 33 Participates in the Sino-Japanese Friendship Art Exhibition at the Xiamen Trade Center in Juiy together with Hsueh-hu KUO.
​1940 - age 32 Joins the newly established Japanese Painting Divivion of the Taiyag
Art Association and participates in the 6th Taiyang Art Exhibition in Aprill. 
​1938 - age 31 Setties in Japan and buys an apartment in Shibuya, Tokyo.
​1937 - age 30 Resigns her teaching post at the Pingtung Girls' High School.
​1936 - age 29 Completes "Make up" in spring and "Mountain Area" in October.
​1934 - age 27 In Juiy, Chen paints "Ensemble", a portrait of her elder sister Hsin CHEN.
In October, she serves as a jury member at the 8th Taiwan Art Exhibition together with Shui-long YAN and Chi-Chun LIAO.
In November, she begins teaching at the kaohsiung Provincial Pingtung Girls' High school as the first Taiwan ese woman high school teacher. 
​1933 - age 26 Serves as a Taiwanese Jury member at the 7th Taiwan Art Exhibition together with Chi-chun LIAO.
​1932 - age 25 Chen serves as a jury member ay the 6th Taiwan Art Exhibition together with Chi-chun LIAO. it is the first time Taiwanese have served on the Jury of Taiwan art Exhibitions.
​1930 - age 23 In February, she forms the Zhen-Tan group with GOBARA koto, KINOSHITA Seigai, Yu-shan LIN and Hsueh-hu KUO.
​1929 - age 22 Graduates from the Women's School of Fine Arts in March.
Through the introductions of MATSUBAYASHI Keigetsu, she becomes a pupil of KABURAGI Kiyokata and is taught by his students ITO Shinsui and YAMAKAWA Shuho.
​1925 - age 18 Graduates from Taipei provincial Third Girls' High School. In april, she is accepted by the Japanese painting teachers'  training department at the Women's school of fine arts in Tokyo (now joshibi University of art and design)   
1922 - age 15 Enrols in Taipei Provincial Third Girls High School (now Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls' High School)
​1916 - age 09 Enters the Xiang Public School.
​1907 - age 01 Bom in Xiangsh Village, Hsinchu County, the third daughter of Yun-CHEN. Chief of Xiangshan Village.