2010 – age 57 .
2009 – age 56 .
​2008 – age 55 Colored Pottery Exhibition, National Center for Traditional Arts.
Hsiao Chin-hsing Ink Paintings Exhibition, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. 
​2008 – age 55
​2005 – age 52"The Old And New" Taiwan Colored Pottery, Yingge Ceramics Museum.
Adjudicator of Water-Ink Painting Contest, Everlasting Art Association R.O.C.

​2002 – age 49 Reviewer of Tamsui  center of Art & Culture.
The 16th National Art Exhibition of The Republic of China.

​1999 – age 46 Landscape and Folklore of Taiwan, Tour Exhibition at Baltic States and Easten Europe.
The 15th National Art Exhibition of the Republic of China.
Hsiao Chin-hsing Water-Ink Tour Exhibition-Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi.

​1998 – age 45 FTV Taiwan Story Joint Exhibition, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
​1993 – age 40 Joined the " Famous Artists' Invitational Exhibition" at the Chiayi Cultural Center, Particpated at the "Joint exhibition of the Top Winners at National Fine Art Competitions" held in the National Art Education Hall. The exhibition was shown later in various cultural Centers Around Taiwan.
​1991 - age 38 Selected as member of the board of judges of judges at the Taipei County Fine Arts Exhibition and the Taipei City Fine Arts Exhibition.
Joined the "Beauty of the Four Seasons Exhibition " upon the invitation of the Nat ional Taiwan Art Education Hall.

​1989 - age 36 participated at the Paris Fine Arts Exhibition Sponsored by the National Academy of Arts.
Joined the 12 th National Art Invitation Exhibition.
Joined the Sing-Korean Exchange Art Exhibition.
participated at the "paint My Native Land" activities held in Green Island and Orchid Island upon invitation by the Museum of National History.
Joined the 2nd Asia Art Federation Exhibition held at the Taichung City cultural Center.
participated at the 7th National Fine

​1988 - age 35 .
​1987 - age 34 May -jIIned the "Paint My Native Land " sketching activities in Miaol sponsored by the Museum of National History.
June-joined the ROC art Development Exhibition sponsored by the Provincial Fine Arts Museum.
October-participated at the Joint exhibition"Beauty of Forests and Gardens" held during the Area Athletic Meet. 
​1986 - age 33 February-Joined the "Exhibition of New Year Auspicious Paintings' at the Museum of National History.
May-participated at the Sino-Japanese Asian Modern Art Exhibition Held in the Museum of National History.
June-joined the 11th National Art Exhibition sponspred by the Ministry of Education,
October-Participated at the National Academy of Arts Professors and Alumni Exhibition on at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

​1985 - age 32 March-Opened first solo exhibition entitled "Embracing Nature" at the Caves Art Center together with Publication of the " collection of Hsiao Chih-hsing's Ink-wash Paintings.
April-Exhibition transferred to the Taichung Cultural center.
May-joined the "Fondness for This Land ink-wash Paintings Exhibition " which was later shown around Taiwan.
October-particpated at the "Forty Year of the Provincial Arts Exhibition" sponsored by the Taiwan Provincial Government.
December-Participated at the "Well-known Artists' Ceramic painting Exhibition " at the National Museum of History; the exhibition was shown around Taiwan. His entry was Awarded the First New Nwophyte Prize by the first Painting publication.

​1984 - age 31 Januaryy-Held a joint exhibition with chen chiu-chuan at the Taichung Library.
February-joint exhibition transferred to the Taiwan Arts Hall in Taipei.
June-Participated at the sino-Japanese Asian Modern Art Exhibition at the Museum of National History.
December -participated at the Joint Exhibition of winners of the National Arts Exhibition held at the Taiwan Arts Hall.
​1983 - age 30 Won the top Prize (chinese Painting Category) at the 10th National Art Exhibition. His Entry was chosen to from part of the.
Taipei city Fine Arts Museum collection and won the art and Literature Creativity Award from the Ministry of Education.
Invited to Participate at the 1st National Academy of Arts Professors and Alumni Exhibition held at the Museum of National History.
Exhibition his works at the Joint Exhibition of Award-winning ink-wash Paintings at Caves Aer Center.

​1982 - age 29 Received the Cunty Government Award at the 36th provincial Art Exhibition.
Submitted an entry at the "Chien Jen Art Contest" sponsored by the Tainan City Government.
Won Second Place in the chinese Painting Category at the 10th Taipei Art Exhibition.

​1981 - age 28 Won the Golden Image Award at the 17 th National Army Art and Literary Competition.

​1980 - age 27 Won the Excellence Award at the 9th National Fine Arts Competition.
Graduated from the National Academy of Arts and worked as a supervisor at a ceramics Factory.
Learned painting under Tu Tsan-lin.

​1977 - age 24 Learned painting under the tutelage of Tsai You.
​1976 - age 23 Entered the National Academy of Arts Evening School where he was greatly influsenced by his teacher Su Feng-nan.
​1953 - age 01 Born in Putai Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan.
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