羅丹速寫2015 / Age 47
29.5x20.7cm / 件
1968 1968  Born in Shih Fen village Chi Ku Township Tainan county
1991  Graduated from Taiwan National Art College major in Western Art
1998  Graduated from Fontbonne College MA inMissouri,U.S
1999  Join Art St. Louis Community
           Participated in Fontbonne College 75th Anniversary Painting
           Graduated from Fontbonne College MFA
           Teacher in traditional art at Taiwan Art College
2004  Tutorin FineArt Department at Taiwan Art College
           Tutor in Art Design Department at Hsinchu Educational College
           Tutor in Vision Transfer Department at Xuanzan University
1997  The 9th Personnel training in ChiMei Consortium
1998  AwardedHazzel Weedel from Missouri ArtistCommunity U.S
           Got chosen by St. Louis Missouri exhibition
           The best award from the 15th painting contest North California U.S
           Got chosen by Chun Tian Art Museum in Missouri,U.S
           Got chosen by the 16th Art Exhibition in Texas,U.S
1999  Awarded from the 5th Taiwan DaTun exhibition
2000  First prize in painting category at the 17th Kaohsiung Art Exhibition
2001  Awarded from 3rd quarter 2000 consortium of Taiwan National Culture and Art
2003  Awarded from Youth Art work of Taiwan
1995  Taiwan Yulung Culture Festival
1996 Milestone of three person unfolds three events at Taichung cultural center
          Milestone of three person at Taibei horizon art center2005
1997 Exhibition in St. Louis Meramec Community College
2000  Solo exhibition at TanShui Art Center
           Solo Exhibition[ChangKuang]at TaiZhongCulture Center
2001  Solo Exhibition[ChungChang]at Taipei Time Square,Taiwan
           Solo Exhibition atTaipei Resident Place.
2002  Group Exhibition at Taiwan TainanFanArt Center
           Solo Exhibition[PuFeng-ChoYing]at Tainan Social and Education Bureau
2005  Solo Exhibitionat Malaysia and Taipei Taiwan.
           Solo Exhibition at Ye Qu Gallery in Taibei,Taiwan
           Solo Exhibitionat Taipei Starbucks Art Center and Art Shop.
           Solo Exhibitionat Hsinchu and teachers-students show at Hsinchu County
2006  Black-and-white Wave Sketch Show at Fouding University
           Huang Cheng-yuan  teachers-and-students’ [Vivid Paintings]Milestone at Hsinchu County Culture Bureau Huang Cheng-yuan  
           teachers-and-students’ [1+ N]Milestone at Wenying Museum at Taichung City 
           Human Form Solo Exhibition at Shangya library
2007  Inaugural Exhibition[Nudity •Body•Feeling •Movement]at Shanghai KING Space
           Solo Exhibition[Nudity •Body•Feeling •Movement]in Dadun II Museumat Taichung CulturalBureau 
           The 11th Shanghai Art Fair in Shanghai Mart
2008  Solo Exhibition[TWIN PEAKS –Greedy·Lingering·Remains]in Zhu Qi Zhan Art Museum
           The 11th Beijing International Art Fair
Solo   Exhibition [Deep Breath]in The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
           Solo Exhibition in Jia-Art Gallery
2009  The 13th Shanghai Art Fair in Shanghai Mart     
         [Firework]Solo Exhibitionat Shanghai KING Space
           Luxury Chinaat Beijing
2010[Filament]sketch Exhibition at Shanghai KING Space
            Muttering in Latitude 23 ° N and 121 ° at Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Modern Art
           The 14th Shanghai Art Fair in Shanghai Mart
         [Changing Season]Solo Exhibitionat Shanghai KING Space
         [Sluggish.Slow.Solitary.Still]Huang Cheng-Yuan Solo Exhibition  at National Hsinchu University ofEducation
2011[Taiwanese]nine artists Exhibition Shanghai Hai Shang Culture Center
           Sticky Wind Tonight at Shanghai Hai Shang Culture Center
           The 3th Young Art Taipei at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taiwan
           The 15th Shanghai Art Fair in Shanghai Mart
2012 [Blossom Season]China and Taiwan Exchange Exhibition at Shanghai Hai
            Shang Culture Center
2013 [From The Darkness, A Flame Rises]Solo Exhibition ,YESART AIR GALLERY,Taiwan Taipei
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