XU XI 徐希
2000 - age60 .
1999 - age59 .
1998 - age58 .
1997 - age57 .
1996 - age56 .
1995 - age55 .
1994 - age54
1993 - age53 One-man exhibition held by Wan Fung Art Gallery and "The Art of u xi" was published in Hong Kong.
1992 - age52  Fine Arts Magazine and Sunstorm Art Magazine introduced xu xi's art. 
1991 - age51 One-man exhibition at the Pennsylvania Waynesborough Country Club in November. 
1990 - age50 Completed the component painting of "The impressions of New York Manhattan"-40 paintings. One-man exhibition at the Taipei Yio Xong Shi Art Center. Two painting albums were published 
1989 - age49 Painting of Xu Xi" was published by the notable Gallery of Kaoshung, Taiwan in March Visited USA to lecture, travel and paint from nature in June. Selected Paintings of Xu Xi and "Folio Hanging Painting Calendar" were published by the Board of Directors of Asian Olympic Games in July. Xu Xi's painting exhibition was held in Taipei Hanshe House in October. 
1988 - age48  Recognized as First Class Painter (equivalent to professor) by the Ministry of Culture. One-man exhibition at China Art Museum of Beijing in April Published the commentary on the collection of "Xu Xi's Chinese Picturer" and "Selected Painting of xu xi" in Chinese, English and Japanese Festival in Attended the 19th Painting Arts Basel, Switzerland in May. visited Traveled painted from nature and Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland. France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain Italy, Greece, Turkey. Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, etc.. ncluding 17 countries in Eurasia.
1987 - age47  One-man exhibition at art center of Queens College, New York in March.
 One-man exhibition at Overseas Chinese TV Center, New York in June.
 Visited Japan and held one-man exhibition in Tokyo in August.
 Rain in Southern China" (traditional style) won second prize at the international painting competition for the Year of International Housing in Turkey in November 

1986 - age46 From May to September visited eight European countries including Austria, Hungary and the Soviet Union.
 Exhibition at the UN Headquarters, Vienna in July
 Exhibition at the Vienna Creditanstalt Bank Gallery and one-man exhibition at Dongfang Gallery, New York in August. 

1986 - age46
1985 - age45Rain in South China" (traditional style) won third prize at the World's Fair in Japan. One-man exhibition held in the Seibu Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.
Monograph published in December..
One-man exhibition in Boya Gallery in Hong Kong in December.
1984 - age44  Selected Paintings of Xu Xi" was published by the People's Fine Arts Publishing House, Beijing 
1982 - age42 "Morning on the Lake" (traditional style) won first prize in the Eighth International Art Exhibition 
1981 - age41 The Great Wall" and "The Potala Palace won first prize in the competition for an album called "Wonderful Asia "Selected Works of Xu Xi" was published by the Hong Kong Artists Publishing House. 
1980 - age40 One-man exhibition in the Lixing Gallery, Singapore 
1978 - age38  Became a member of the Chinese Artists Association Transferred to the creative workshop of the People's Arts Publishing House. 
1965 - age25

Graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. 1965-1978, as an Art Editor for the People's Arts Publishing House, Beijing. 

1960 - age20Trained in the Academy's Engraving Department after graduation from Middle School
1956 - age16 Entered Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts Middle School Division.
1951 - age11 .
1940 - age01 Born in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province. 
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